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Why is RightPeople Australia's leading psychometric testing specialist?

RightPeople is one of the few organisations that has the expertise to develop and publish it's own assessments. For this reason, our Registered Psychologists are ideally placed to give expert advice, based on the latest research findings.

RightPeople has an unmatched range of assessments to meet all candidate testing requirements in any industry. Our range of tests are designed from the ground up to go deeper, collect more data and create a more accurate picture of the candidate than any test previously available.

In addition to this:

  • Our assessments are theory-based, providing the highest levels of accuracy
  • Our assessments are supported by peer reviewed, published research
  • We are wholly Australia owned and our tests are developed locally
  • Support is available 7 days a week
  • Standardised results are available immediately
  • Our assessments are legally defensible and culturally relevant
  • We are a supplier to Government
  • We design and tailor specific products for specific requirements

How does it work?

Our friendly staff will help you find the right test for your candidate, whether standard or customised. When it is time for your staff or applicants to sit the test, they log in to our online test area, answer all the questions and the test is automatically submitted. The results are analysed and scored, then made available to you via the online interface and email. The results can also be emailed to the candidate should you wish it.

Utilising the provided data you are then in the position to choose the best candidate for the role or set development plans for existing staff.

Finding The Right Fit

Psychometric Aptitude Assessment

Psychometric aptitude testing helps ensure that the best candidates are selected by assessing their ability, skills, attitudes and preferred behavioural styles. Just some of the key benefits of RightPeople’s aptitude psychometric testing are detailed below.

Key benefits of RightPeople’s Psychometric Aptitude Testing:

When organisations identify the most suitable candidates early on in the recruitment process, they reduce the time and money spent on evaluating unsuitable candidates. By providing additional objective information about a candidate, more informed recruitment decisions are being made.

Other benefits include:

  • Less emphasis is placed on the skill of the interviewer (who may not be a recruitment specialist).
  • RightPeople uses assessment tools that are tried and tested in leading organisations to ensure accuracy of results.
  • The assessments used by RightPeople are designed purely for the world of work, targeted directly at business needs.
  • The assessments enable an individual's potential to be gauged rather than just testing skills that have been acquired retrospectively.
  • Testing is available for all levels of staff from executives through to semi-skilled workers.
  • Our reports are purposely designed to provide practical information so that an individual’s strengths and development needs can be identified easily and quickly.

Psychometric Aptitude Testing - Helping You Employ the Right People for Your Business

Rightpeople's psychometric aptitude tests are theory-based and constructed specifically for work. Our best practice approach ensures accuracy of results. Our psychometric aptitude assessments have been designed by experts in psychological appraisals and we are widely recognised for our groundbreaking work in:

  • intelligence/problem solving assessment
  • attitudinal and personality assessment
  • aptitude and skills assessment

Our psychometric aptitude testing is used by all industry sectors across public and private enterprise. This includes graduate, administrative, middle management, executive, customer service, security manpower and contact centre positions.

Psychometric Aptitude tests of intelligence are recognised as the most useful predictors of job performance (Bertua, Anderson, & Salgado, 2005; Gottfredson, 1986, 1997; Hunter, Schmidt, & Judiesch, 1990; O'Reilly & Chatman, 1994; Salgado et al., 2003; Schmidt & Hunter, 1992; Schmitt & Mills, 2001). In a large review of the intelligence and work literature, Gottfredson (1997) found that tests of general intelligence are better predictors of performance, compared to other predictors such as personality, especially in complex work situations.

Rightpeople has an extensive range of psychometric aptitude tests for the majority of jobs. Our tests measure the main problem solving abilities, including those that use numbers, language and symbolic/abstract information. These types of tests are commonly known under the categories listed below:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Language / verbal reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Clerical speed
  • Attention to detail / accuracy
  • Multi tasking
  • Learning potential
  • Fluid intelligence
  • Crystallized intelligence
  • Working memory

RightPeople's employment testing and assessments are theory-based and thoroughly researched. Our expertise in test item development underpins our success in delivering the most accurate products available.

Employment testing provides an effective means for a business to objectively evaluate new and existing employees for job selection and provides an accurate indication of the employee's aptitude and fit for the position.

Employment testing and assessment will:

Reduce the risk of:

  • Hiring employees that are a poor fit with the business culture
  • Employee turnover due to employment selection errors
  • Time and money spent in retraining replacements

Increase the chances of:

  • Identifying and promoting high performing individuals
  • Hiring and matching employees for jobs that suit their ability level
  • Consistently improve the performance level of staff

Advantages of our Cognitive Ability Tests:

  • They are reliable and valid.
  • We develop a large range of tests for all jobs including the popular numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
  • Validity studies on our tests demonstrate a strong relationship between test scores and job complexity.
  • RightPeople’s combinations of aptitude tests have higher validities than individual tests.
  • Our Web-based group testing capability will allow you to assess thousands of people simultaneously.
  • Test scoring is standardised and automatic for online assessments and machine scannable for paper tests.

Advantages of our Personality Tests:

RightPeople’s personality testing provides employers with an insight into an applicant's psychology that could otherwise take years to determine. Among other things, personality assessment can help show the employer:

  • who the applicant would be most compatible working with
  • what management style is likely to yield the best return on investment
  • what types of projects the applicant might be best able to accomplish

We appreciate that some applicants may find it difficult to truly express themselves when under the pressure of an interview. For these types of applicants, personality assessments are extremely beneficial. It is often the case that the applicant is so nervous that the employer may have some skepticism about the applicant's personality. If this is the situation, the OCEANIC Personality Assessment can often help resolve the skepticism and provide valuable feedback to the employer that might not otherwise be recognised in the interview alone.

Making targeted personality information available can help keep the interview focused on the important issues. For example, if a person is applying for a customer service position, the personality test may reveal they are of a type that is very intolerant and inflexible. If the most successful people in that position tend to be flexible and open to new ideas and ambiguity, then the employer would want to ask the applicant more questions that targeted this area.

RightPeople’s behavioural profiles provide a wealth of accurate information, including some suggested questions to ask in the interview. With our online assessments, you'll have an affordable, convenient and simple method for conducting more meaningful and efficient interviews, reducing the possibility of bad hires.

*Contact us to design a tailored battery of tests.

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