Simulated Contact Centre Talent Assessment

A Contact Centre (aka Call Centre) agent who is competent and has a solid understanding of your company’s product and services is invaluable. A poor hire can lead to lost sales, customers transitioning to competitors and unnecessary complaints. Typical contact centre roles include claim specialists, crisis counsellors, public relations, and help desk experts. As one of the most measured roles in organisations, the value of call contact agents can be seen in their results. Good customer service accounts for nearly 70% of brand loyalty.

Given what is at stake, the need for skills testing for customer service and contact centre agents is obvious. However, many skills tests are not designed to be an effective indicator of how a candidate will perform on the job. For example, a multiple-choice test is limited in measuring how someone will respond to a customer who needs help understanding product and service options that are available to them. Web-based customer service simulation tests are a cost and time effective method of measuring key skills required for success.

A customer service simulation assessment allows candidates to demonstrate their abilities in a realistic call centre environment. The results of a customer service simulation test will provide you with the information you need to judge an applicant’s communication skills, ability to multitask, and how they would perform in your work environment. Candidates also have the opportunity to see what the job entails and can decide to opt out of the interview before they are offered the position, which helps reduce your call centre’s turnover rates.

RightPeople’s packaged assessments allow organisations to measure critical customer service aptitude including service orientation, issue resolution, responsiveness, learning, general PC navigation and data entry skills. With our extensive test library, it is also possible to integrate the simulation with other skill tests such as Microsoft Office applications and attention to detail.

Once you have hired good contact centre agents, you need to develop them by providing appropriate training. Studies have shown that classroom training is good but experiential learning results in a nearly 90% retention rate for acquired knowledge. Customer service simulation assessments are useful in training because they help employees bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. They can also be used when there are changes in policies or processes and to help contact centre agents learn how to handle difficult customer interactions.

Contact Centre job simulations are available for multiple industries including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Government and Retail. We also lead the industry with customised and bespoke assessment design.