RightPeople’s Advanced Microsoft Excel Test

Advanced Excel users have sophisticated knowledge of the Excel environment and Excel’s features. In addition, they often utilise Excel to solve complex work-related challenges. Advanced users are able to instruct and teach others about Excel’s features.

An advanced Excel user is an asset to an organisation. Consequently, it is prudent for companies and HR professionals to be able to accurately identify a prospective candidate or existing employee, with advanced level Excel skills. RightPeople’s Advanced Microsoft Excel Test was developed to assist organisations and HR professionals, who need to employ advanced level Excel users in their companies. An advanced Excel user should know how to:

  • Create their own complex formulas in order to solve challenging, quantitative work-related problems
  • Use functions such as VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH in combination, INDIRECT and SUMPRODUCT
  • Use all the Excel TEXT Functions and be able to extract data using the TEXT Functions
  • Manipulate dates and times using the DATE Functions
  • Create impressive, visually appealing spreadsheets through the use of formatting
  • Create Excel tables and use structured references
  • Create a wide variety of charts and format them extensively
  • Apply conditional formatting to cells and use a formula to determine which cells to format
  • Filter data and use Excel’s Advanced Filter
  • Apply the different number formatting options and create custom number formats
  • Use Data Validation to limit data entry options
  • Create Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, insert calculated fields, insert slicers and use the timeline slicer
  • Create Pivot Table reports
  • Use Data Tables, Scenario Manager and the Excel Solver Add-in
  • Load and use the Analysis Toolpak in Excel
  • Use AutoFill and Flash Fill to automatically populate cells based on a pattern
  • Protect their workbooks and worksheets

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