RightPeople’s Basic Microsoft Excel Test

Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet application that is utilised extensively in many different industries, for both basic and advanced work-related activities. Identifying a potential candidate’s ability on Excel is critical for a large number of roles requiring basic/beginner level Microsoft Excel ability.

Additionally, employers frequently face the challenge, of ascertaining the skill level of existing staff members, when trying to select appropriate Microsoft Excel training packages.

RightPeople’s Basic Microsoft Excel Test evaluates the standard Excel basics and will help your company determine whether a prospective candidate is a beginner or basic Excel user. You will also be able to establish whether your existing staff need introductory Excel training.

The Basics

Excel Test

The Ribbon

The Ribbon is a standard feature in Microsoft Office software. It contains the commands you need to assist you with completing common tasks. A beginner just starting out with Microsoft Excel will need to have a basic familiarity with the Ribbon. Our Basic Microsoft Excel Test evaluates this familiarity and will test whether the prospective candidate or existing employee can utilise the ribbon in order to:

  • Copy and paste data
  • Format text
  • Apply number formatting
  • Insert basic functions such as the SUM function
  • Change the Page Orientation from landscape to portrait
Excel Sheet

The Cells

A cell is a rectangular box that is the intersection of a row and a column. A sheet in Excel contains cells, and users enter data into these cells for the purpose of calculations and formatting. Our Basic Microsoft Excel Test will help you ascertain your prospective candidate or existing employee’s understanding of cells in a worksheet and how to use them. A prospective candidate with basic Excel skills should understand that data is entered into cells in Excel and those cells can contain formulas, text and formatting. This candidate should also understand that a cell refers to the vertical column and row intersection point.

Find and Replace

Search Functionality

Companies often use Microsoft Excel as a data repository, so prospective candidates and existing staff members have to be familiar with basic search functionality. Microsoft Excel allows one to find and replace text and numbers in a worksheet. Our Basic Microsoft Excel Test will evaluate whether your candidate has the basic knowledge required to find text and numbers in an Excel worksheet.

Excel Advanced Formulas

The Functions

Excel has many different basic, intermediate and advanced functions. A user just getting started, who has a basic understanding of Excel and its functions, should know how to use the SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX and COUNT Functions. Our Basic Microsoft Excel Test contains a section that tests whether a prospective candidate can use the basic Excel functions.

Excel Advanced Testing


One can use Excel to sort data and lists. Excel users can organise and summarise data using Excel’s sorting functionality. A beginner using Excel for basic data entry tasks should know how to sort numbers and text in an ascending and descending order. Our Basic Microsoft Excel Test contains a section that tests whether a prospective candidate can sort data.


We understand the complex needs and challenges that employers and business owners face, regarding identifying candidates with the right Excel skills for their industry. Our tests are specifically designed for business environments. We take the headache out of evaluating the Excel capabilities and proficiency of a candidate. All of our tests meet and surpass industry standards, helping you confidently identify the best candidate for the role.

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