RightPeople’s Intermediate Microsoft Excel Test

Many companies are utilising Microsoft Excel extensively, for a variety of work-related tasks. Microsoft Excel is involved in all types of work-flow, in order to optimise the efficiency of existing systems and processes.

With resumes being unreliable, it can be difficult to confidently identify the right candidate, with the required level of Excel ability and proficiency for their industry.

RightPeople’s Intermediate Microsoft Excel Test was developed to assess the Following Excel skills:

  • Their knowledge of Excel formulas and functions
  • Their ability to use Excel formulas and functions to solve standard work-related queries
  • Their ability to display data visually in charts and graphs
  • Their ability to use Excel to analyze data
  • Their ability to apply their Excel knowledge in your specific industry

The Advantages of Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used by small, medium and large-sized enterprises all over the world. Small businesses use Excel to store inventory details in simple tables, while the airline industry uses it to create complex flight simulator analysis applications. There is a myriad of tasks that Excel can be utilised for. The major advantages of Microsoft Excel include the fact that it is widely available, compatible with all the major operating systems and does not require any additional software investment or purchase.



An employee with intermediate Excel skills should have a basic understanding of how to create the standard Excel charts. This employee should know how to arrange the input data for bar charts, pie charts and column charts, as well as how to format these charts for visualization purposes. Charts are a fundamental part of visual analysis and reporting, so it is essential that you establish whether a candidate can create standard charts. RightPeople’s Intermediate Microsoft Excel Test contains a set of questions that test the prospective candidate’s chart creation and chart formatting abilities, using real-world examples and contexts. Both practical and theoretical application of Excel concepts are tested. Our skills tests will allow you to confidently predict if a potential employee will be able to handle common chart related tasks.



An employee that possesses intermediate Excel knowledge should have a comprehensive understanding of Excel functions and formulas. The functions this employee should have an understanding of are: the basic math functions, the financial functions, the lookup and reference functions, the logical functions and the statistical functions.RightPeople’s Intermediate Microsoft Excel Test contains a set of work-related spreadsheet tasks that will help establish your prospective candidate’s function usage and formula creation abilities.


Data Analysis

Data analysis involves being able to look at the numbers, charts and results in a typical spreadsheet and draw meaningful insights from the data that will assist with decision-making processes. RightPeople’s Intermediate Microsoft Excel Test evaluates your prospective candidate’s level of data analysis capabilities in the data analysis section of the test. A detailed report is provided about the strengths and weaknesses of the potential candidate’s data analysis ability.

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Cloud Computing and Office 365

You can collaborate on spreadsheets by working in the cloud. Working on spreadsheets in the cloud, allows multiple employees to collaborate and allows companies to store critical data in one place. At RightPeople, we understand the benefits of the cloud and working in the cloud and our tests also evaluate the ability of a potential candidate to work in cloud environments.


We understand the complex needs and challenges that employers and business owners face, regarding identifying candidates with the right Excel skills for their industry. Our tests are specifically designed for business environments. We take the headache out of evaluating the Excel capabilities and proficiency of a candidate. All of our tests meet and surpass industry standards, helping you confidently identify the best candidate for the role.

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