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Here are the top 7 compelling reasons to use skills testing for hiring:

  1. RightPeople’s tests are developed in Australia to ensure their relevancy.
  2. Prices start from as little as $25 per person, with no set up fees.
  3. With skills tests you can avoid unfair or discriminatory practices by clearly, easily and inexpensively determining and documenting performance metrics.
  4. You’re in a position to determine which candidates have the best skills and have been honest about their experience, using customized, relevant and highly defensible tests.
  5. Skills tests make hiring decisions more accurate; they save your organisation money, increase hiring efficiency, and enhance legal compliance in hiring.
  6. They allow you to make the right hiring choice the first time, using a solution that’s widely accepted by candidates and Human Resources managers.
  7. As a risk management tool, organisations are able to avoid poor internal communication and negative customer service by using online English proficiency tests that are easily customizable to match any job requirements.

What about skills tests for DEVELOPING TALENT? How our clients are using our skills tests.

Business needs are changing fast. In this climate, it’s vital for businesses to develop existing talent. Talent is in increasingly short supply and recruitment costs are high. Importantly, lack of training and development is often cited as a key reason for people leaving organisations. Research also shows that revenue per employee doubles in organisations with development plans.

Essentially, employee development is critical for retention and success.

Great Return on Investment

Demonstrate a commitment to employee growth and development, and reap the rewards of enhanced motivation and engagement. Investing in your top talent can reduce both costs and risks in your talent pipeline.

Additional benefits of RightPeople’s aptitude and skills tests include:

  • The ability to link individual and group development to your business strategy.
  • Once you start testing, you can combine assessment and performance data with workforce capability analysis.
  • The ability to analyse skill and competency gaps for current/future roles.
  • Use it to shore up weaknesses and leverage strengths.
  • Ensure employee readiness with skills and knowledge certification.
  • Identify and retain high-potential, high-value talent in your organisation.
  • Create personalised development plans to maximise employee potential.
  • Equip managers with assessment tools to guide employee development plans.
  • Develop and promote internal talent for future leadership roles (leadership
  • Determine gaps between current talent and business demands.
  • Identify individual/organisational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess/increase strength in key roles.
  • Provide objective, practical feedback that yields concrete results in staff development.
  • Identify new talent from your pipeline.
Return on Investment
Problem Solving

Organisational performance depends on talent. Many employers have performance data on their people, but few have insight into how they meet the demands of current or future roles. Let RightPeople’s skills and aptitude tests do the hard work for you.

Hiring Potential

Universally, organisations need an objective measure of their employees’ ability.

Start an Audit

Start With A Talent Audit

A talent audit gives you a snapshot of your organisation’s talent and potential at a single point in time, revealing the gap between people’s capabilities.

You need to measure what you have effectively to be in a position to identify the fit and potential of individuals and teams.

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