Verbal Reasoning Cognitive Ability Tests

Tests that measure language/verbal ability include:


Word Reasoning

A measure of crystallised reasoning (Gc) that examines knowledge of word meanings and language comprehension.


Reading Comprehension

A measure of crystallised reasoning (Gc) that examines verbal critical reasoning skills.

  • These tests are measures of Crystallised reasoning (Gc) and defined as a candidate’s breadth and depth of acquired knowledge of language, information and concepts and/or the application of this knowledge. Gc is primarily a store of verbal or language-based declarative (knowing what) and procedural (knowing how) knowledge acquired through the investment of other abilities during formal and informal educational and general life experiences. Historically this is often referred to as crystallised intelligence.
  • This ability is also described as the general development or understanding and application of words, sentences, and paragraphs in English to express or communicate a thought or feeling. It involves knowledge or awareness of the distinctive features and structural principles of English that allows for the construction of words (morphology) and sentences (syntax).