Regular safety surveys are becoming a popular adjunct to well-designed Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) initiatives aimed at improving workforce commitment to safety. Then employers consider the costs associated with injuries and accidents at work, the importance of early and regular preventative strategies cannot be understated. Adding to the OH&S challenge is the fact that the number of older workers is growing steadily. More than ever, your ability to fully utilise human capital largely depends on how effectively you can improve working conditions – and for a large number of industry sectors this comes down to OH&S for their workforce.

RightPeople Surveyor is a brand for our business survey products.

PeopleMetrics have developed the Safety and Commitment Survey to help organisations better gauge the effect of constantly changing circumstances in the workplace.

The Safety Attitudes and Commitment Survey analyses trends from a multidirectional viewpoint. This survey is most helpful when your organisation wishes to:

  • Compare workforce and management views on current OH&S issues
  • Compare perceived vs actual compliance with safety policies and procedures
  • Examine safety attitudes and behaviour both in and outside of the workplace