Microsoft PowerPoint Test – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Tests


Microsoft PowerPoint is the leading slide presentation software. It is used to create, edit and format slides for presentations and other purposes.
PowerPoint presentations are ubiquitous at most speaking events and lectures. Microsoft PowerPoint has many features, which facilitate the effective
communication and presentation of ideas.
You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to:
 Create professional graphics and infographics
 Create presentations filled with visuals, rich animations, charts and 3D models
 Create lecture series and notes
 Create pitch decks
Since presentations are often used for business purposes, it is essential that all employees have a good grasp of Microsoft PowerPoint. Furthermore, it is
also recommended that there are members of staff who can use Microsoft PowerPoint’s more advanced features, in order to create professional
Employers are therefore advised to establish the abilities and proficiency of prospective and existing employees in Microsoft PowerPoint.
The most recent version is Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/Office 365 but many organizations are using previous versions of PowerPoint.

RightPeople’s PowerPoint Testing suite evaluates a prospective or existing employee’s knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint.
We offer four levels, tailored to the requirements of the organization and role that needs to be filled. The levels and the Microsoft PowerPoint features they
assess include:

Word Basic
  • Adding New slides
  • Feature Identification
  • Inserting Text, Pictures and Shapes on Slides
  • Creating a Basic Slide Show
  • Applying Simple Transitions and Animations to
  • Using Notes
  • Managing Objects on Slides
  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with Charts
  • Formatting Pictures
  • Inserting and Working with Tables in PowerPoint
  • Working with Transitions and Animations
  • Reusing Slides
  • Working with Action Buttons
  • Saving Presentations in Different Formats
Powerpoint Intermediate
Powerpoint Advanced
  • Screen Recording
  • Using Slide and Notes Master
  • Configuring Advanced Printing Options
  • Using Document Inspector
  • Using Animation Triggers
  • Creating Custom Animations
  • Using Placeholders
  • Working with SmartArt Text Levels
  • Working with the Morph Feature
  • Configuring Detailed Print Layouts
  • Working with Presentation Themes
  • Working with Headers and Footers
  • Changing the Slide Dimensions
  • Advanced Paragraph Formatting
  • Creating Organizational Charts
Powerpoint Expert

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