Microsoft Outlook Test – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Tests


Microsoft Outlook is an email application provided by Microsoft. It is quite a comprehensive office management tool, and includes a calendar and a task manager. Many business professionals use Outlook to schedule and organize their meetings, appointments and messages.
You can use Microsoft Outlook to:

  • Send emails
  • Add tracking and voting options to messages
  • Fill your calendar and share your calendar with co-workers
  • Manage your tasks and notes
  • Manage your existing contacts and groups

If you are using Microsoft Outlook at your company, then it is recommended that you establish all prospective and existing employee’s proficiency with the software.
The most recent version of Microsoft Outlook is 2019/Office 365 but many organizations are using previous versions of Outlook.


RightPeople’s Outlook Testing suite evaluates a prospective or existing employee’s knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.
We offer four levels, tailored to the requirements of the organization and role that needs to be filled. The levels and the Microsoft Outlook features they assess include:

  • Creating Emails and Attaching Files to Messages
  • Making Appointments and Changing the Time of Appointments
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Checking the Word Count
  • Working with Reminders
  • Moving Messages between Folders
  • Creating Signatures
  • Searching for and Flagging Messages
  • Previewing Attachments
  • Categorizing Messages
  • Printing Calendars
  • Mentioning Contacts in the Body of an Email
  • Using Quick Parts
  • Creating Meeting Invitations
  • Using the Different views
  • Taking Meeting Notes
  • Writing Professional Emails
  • Inserting Online Pictures
  • Setting a Default Signature
  • Using Groups
  • Working with Printing Styles
  • Turning on the Week Number Settings
  • Setting Up Recurring Meetings
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Adding and Removing Columns
  • Working with Notes
  • Using the Bcc field
  • Requesting Read Receipts
  • Changing the Background Colour of a Message
  • Creating Templates
  • Archiving Messages
  • Creating Rules
  • Printing Attachments
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Exporting Calendars
  • Adding and Changing Time Zones
  • Applying Outlook Themes and Stationery to Messages
  • Attaching Email Messages to Other Messages
  • Using the Spelling and Grammar check
  • Specifying Default Fonts for unread messages
  • Setting Delayed Delivery Options
  • Encrypting Messages
  • Using the Smart Lookup Feature
  • Setting Permissions
  • Archiving and other useful features that assist Organization
  • Blocking Incoming Mail
  • Creating Tasks without opening Outlook

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