RightPeople Surveyor

RightPeople Surveyor is RightPeople’s business survey product. We provide surveys for small teams through to large businesses. Our academic research team are recognized as world leaders in the construction of attitudinal and behavioral questionnaires and we use this experience and expertise to deliver effective surveys.

Why choose RightPeople Surveyor?

The best surveys today don’t just collect workforce and customer opinion – they identify underlying trends and improve workforce commitment and customer retention. Surveying is essential to truly understand your business, however, finding the time and resources to research, plan and implement survey is difficult. PeopleMetrics Surveyor can deliver a survey in less time, with less disruption, whilst avoiding the common pitfalls of do-it-yourself surveys.

We Offer:

  • End to end project management
  • Expert survey construction
  • In-depth analysis of results
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Face-to-face feedback