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27 May 2013

Organisations are reaping the benefits of psychometric assessments

Organisations are continually looking for tools and techniques to help them make better hiring and promotion decisions, as well as for ways to set themselves apart in the search for talent. A 2011 survey by Aberdeen revealed the high prevalence and impressive benefits of psychometric assessments as part of a talent recruitment and development programs, particularly in an era when many organisations cannot afford to spend significant amounts of money hiring new staff.

The survey involved over 640 organisations, including more than 500 that used assessments as part of their hiring and talent development strategy. The researchers used several benchmarks of organisational HR success. These included: high rates of employees receiving outstanding performance reviews, sound succession plans and manager satisfaction rates. Read on to find out more about what these successful organisations did to set themselves apart…

The research showed that organisations with high rates of outstanding performance reviews, management satisfaction rates and sound succession plans:


  • Routinely used psychometric assessments to guide hiring, promotion and restructure decisions,
  • Employed a variety of assessment measures based on a range of factors specific to the needs of the organisation and the type of position,
  • Used assessment outcomes to identify talent gaps, available talent resources and to support long-term workforce planning,
  • Assessed not only for current skills but also leadership and development potential.

Reasons for using psychometric assessments

The organisations that routinely used assessments to guide their decision making were asked for their reasons for doing so. Seventy percent reported that psychometric assessments allowed them to improve business results through better quality candidates, 48% said that they used them to deliver leaders to drive innovation and growth and 46% to improve organisational fit amongst new hires.

In addition to being a guide for hiring decisions, the organisations commented on the growing need for sourcing and developing talent in-house in the current economic climate. The majority (60%) said that they used these tools in-house as they recognised that organisational growth required sourcing better talent at all levels. Thirty-two percent and 30% respectively reported that business change required them to source new skills and capabilities, and that there was a shortage of leadership skills in their organisation.

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