20 Jun 2013

Getting the most out of psychometric assessment

Our previous post Organisations are reaping the benefits of psychometric assessments summarised the outcomes of recent research by a leading organisational research firm which revealed the relationship between HR success and the use of psychometric assessment tools.

This post provides more information about the ways successful organisations use psychometric tools and incorporate them into their talent search and development programs. The 516 organisations involved in the research were placed into three groups based on criteria indicative of employee performance and satisfaction: best performers (best in class), average performers (industry average) and those lagging behind in their industry (laggards).

Best-in-class organisations were found to get the most out of their use of assessments by:


  • Viewing assessments as tools to drive better talent management decisions throughout the employee life-cycle  from hiring to succession
  • Collaborating with HR and the business to create competencies to assess against
  • Using a variety of assessment tools, including personality, skills-based, cognitive ability and multi-rater (360 degrees) psychometric assessments
  • Using automated assessments as part of the recruitment process

They also developed specific assessment models for various types of hires, with all candidates undergoing at least basic skills-testing. As the role became more complex, they used more in-depth testing.

High performing organisations also used their data effectively. They were more likely that the average or low performing organisations to use the data from psychometric tests to decide:


  • Who interview
  • Who to hire
  • Which employees are deemed ‘high-potential’
  • Who to promote

It is clear that assessments are vital to organisational success, with clear benefits shown for high performing organisations when using assessment tools. It can be difficult and time-consuming however for organisations to develop, administer, score and use tests and test results.

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