Employee Engagement

21 Aug 2013

Employee Engagement Essential in Professional Services Firms

The importance of employee engagement has been discussed in previous posts. Recent research indicates that nowhere is employee engagement more important than in professional services firms. While these firms are necessarily primarily client focused, ultimately the success of professional services firms relies on the success of their employees’ work. And the most successful employees are engaged employees.

In fact, in professional services firms employee engagement is a strategic business initiative.

Basically, leading professional services firms recognise that if employees are happy, clients are happy, and the organisation thrives. Research conducted in 2012 and 2013 shows that nearly 70% of 261 organisations surveyed had a budget specifically for enhancing employee engagement and nearly 40% planned to increase that budget in the next year.

The top strategies for employee engagement were found to be investing in career development, improving communication both by traditional means and leveraging social media, and improving the organisation’s branding. Top firms case studied, such as Deloitte, also ensure that employees are formally recognised for their success with celebrations, prizes and awards.

Professional service firms that invest in employee engagement improve customer retention and revenue by 6%. Those with a formal strategy for employee engagement are more likely to have their first choice candidates accept their offers, and to have better performing employees.

At RightPeople we recognise the importance of employee engagement. We define “employee engagement” as an individual’s emotional and mental attachment to an organization. It relates to how efficient, dedicated and “engaged” an employee is to his or her work.

An organisation’s Human Resource (HR) department needs to closely monitor the level of engaged employees in its workplace. Firstly to understand whether they have an engaged workforce, and if not, which areas need to be improved.

Our Employee Attitude & Commitment Survey is a thorough, research-based business survey product that measures various aspects of the organisational climate relevant to employee engagement. These include job satisfaction, employee commitment, person/organisation values fit, work-life balance. We provide you with a comprehensive report of outcomes and recommendations for improvements.

People are your most important asset. Make sure you prioritise their needs by contacting us to find out more about this innovative product today.