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06 Dec 2018

How Using Smart Video Interviews Will Revolutionise Your Hiring Process

As of 2017, there were 4.8 candidates for each entry-level job available.

Statistics are a bit more in favour of the candidate for jobs that are above entry-level.

Either way, when you advertise a job opportunity, you’ll no doubt get inundated with prospective employees. You may try and save your organisation some time by putting one person in charge of the screening process, and then interviewing promising candidates later.

But what if you could streamline the process using video interviews?

In this article, we’ll go over some of the pros of this new technology, and why your company should consider adopting it.

What Are Video Interviews?

When you think about video interviews, you might think about interviewing someone via Skype or other video software. While that’s a way to interactively video interview someone, this process is a bit different.

With video interviewing technology, you’ll give candidates questions to answer. They’ll be able to answer them in their own time in a recorded interview, putting their best foot forward to you and your company.

Then, you can watch them with your colleagues in your own time. You can give candidates ratings, and you can look at them any time whilst viewing the videos.

If you dislike a candidate, there’s no need to waste their time and yours with a face-to-face interview, in order to be polite. Instead, you can reject them outright and move to the next potential employee.

The technology allows you to pay as you go, or to purchase interviews in bulk.

A CV Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Not everyone is great with writing. Sometimes that can be a reason not to hire someone, especially if you’re a firm specialising in written media. The problem with CV’s is that they are a highly unreliable method of considering an applicant, especially if you are basing the decision on how eloquent they come across. Many CV’s are based on templates or, are proofread and edited by 3rd party services.

If the most important thing is that the prospective employee knows how to do the job and has the experience to back it up (or willingness to learn), a video interview can get to the important facts quickly.

It’ll allow you to choose the best candidate based on more than what’s on the page.

For many jobs, working with people is important, as well as having charisma and confidence. While you can’t gauge people skills as much via video interviewing, you can tell if they have confidence and professionalism through the way they present themselves on camera.

You Can Cast Your Net Wider

When you interview for a new position, you’ll want to pick the very best person for the role. The very best person for the role might not live near you, and therefore, wouldn’t apply for the job due to the cost and time it takes to have an in-person interview.

With video interviewing, you can skip the expense and inconvenience of having someone from far away come to an interview. Or, you can save paying for someone’s transportation to your office if you think they’re a quality candidate after you’ve seen them in action.

This way, candidates from all over the world who could potentially work with you will get to show you their personality and great qualities.

And, it may encourage people who wouldn’t otherwise apply due to geographic restrictions to go for it. This gives you the ability to hire the very best.

Hire a Remote Team You Mesh With

If you’re hiring a team that’s completely remote, you may want to know a bit more about them than just what they state on their CV.

A good approach for companies that only hire remote workers is to consider their CV, how they do on particular tests (such as psychometric and skills tests and use video interviews. This way, you can get a well-rounded view of the real candidate.

You’ll know you’re setting up a team who not only has the skills to improve your business but also works well with your business and ethos.

This ensures a more positive vibe with your remote workers. And they’ll be a person to you, not a name on a screen.

You’ll Save Time

If you choose to do video interviewing in lieu of face-to-face interviews, it allows you to save an incredible amount of time. You can avoid the traditional method of interviewing a large number of candidates in person, that often requires you to take an entire day or days, and devote it to the interview process.

For many businesses, the downtime with face-to-face interviews can hurt productivity and create disorganisation within the office. This is especially the case if a business is small and growing, and don’t quite have the manpower to keep business running while looking for new employees. While large organisations are often suprised at the amount of time taken and lost, interviewing unsuitable candidates.

With this technology, you can interview people in your downtime. This allows you to keep pace with your clients while looking at interviews only when you’re free.

Crafting the Perfect Interview

Another amazing thing about video interviews is that you can craft the perfect set of questions. You may have interviewed candidates previously and wish a certain question was on the list or avoided during the hiring process.

With video interviews, you can figure out what questions work and which don’t and streamline it to create an interview that helps you separate the wheat from the chafe.

If you’re interested in utilising this technology in your office, use the contact form on our main page, or “Enquire Now” button.

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