15 Nov 2013

New Era of English Language Assessment for Australian Schools [Press Release]

TOEFL Junior testing tool offers world-standard testing methodology to cope with large increase in school students learning English as a second language.

With students from non-English speaking backgrounds now estimated at around 30% of school enrolments in Australia, teachers are demanding a more effective means of placing new students into appropriate language programs.

With the arrival of the new TOEFL Junior testing tool, they will now have access to an internationally renowned english language assessment system to measure english language proficiency of students at the middle-school level.

Based on the heritage of the world-renowned TOEFL brand, the TOEFL Junior tests are specifically designed for English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students aged 11-16 to assess their English communicative competence against international standards. These tests can be used both for language placements and monitoring students’ progress.

The TOEFL Junior tests were developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service), the world’s largest testing and assessment organisation, in response to demand for a research-proven, reliable and convenient assessment that helps teachers identify students’ challenges and map out solutions.

This new language assessment product is currently being rolled out nationally by RightPeople, an Australian company that takes a leading role in the development of psychometric assessment tools and a variety of vocational skills tests.

Brad Dolph, chief executive of RightPeople, said: “The TOEFL Junior tests have been successfully administered in more than 50 countries over the past 3 years, and we are proud to be bringing them to Australia and New Zealand to support the need for teachers to make accurate decisions when it comes to assessing and supporting high school ESL students. We are actively working with schools and language colleges to build product awareness and educate instructors about the importance of implementing the TOEFL Junior tests into classrooms, to bring Australian educational institutions into line with world standards”.