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04 Feb 2013

Protecting your business against fraud and misconduct

As the business world becomes more diverse and expands across national boundaries, concerns about security and integrity in the workplace have never been higher. Stakeholder expectations for ethical business operations continue to rise, placing more responsibility on organisations to employ people who have high ethical standards.

To safeguard their organisations, many organisations incorporate background screening checks into their recruitment process. While the benefits of these are clear, there are legal ramifications which arise when a criminal record is revealed.  Refusing to employ an individual because they have a criminal record is against the law in Australia.

So how can an organisation legally safeguard themselves against employees who may be a threat to their business, or who do not have the ethical attitudes and high standards of behaviour required in today’s business world?

A good way of screening candidates for unethical attitudes or risk-taking behaviour is to use research-based, clinically valid psychometric tests. RightPeople’s extensively researched Risk Management Profile (RMP) measures 5 dimensions that have been shown to predict ethical behaviour and compliance.  These are integrity, honesty, poor impulse control, stress tolerance and conscientiousness.

Not only does the RMP provide a score indicating how likely a candidate or employee is to engage in risky behaviour, harbour unethical or cruel beliefs and follow rules, RightPeople can also provide you with a list of responses to individual questions, which can help you make informed decisions about hiring. It can also help guide interview questions. Certain issues may be able to be clarified or explained in more detail prior to you making a decision about whether an individual may be a risky hire. This approach is both fair to the organisation and to the individual.

The RMP can also be used for staff development. More information you can contact us to discuss how the RMP can be used to safeguard your business.

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