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03 Dec 2012

Report reveals the benefits of skills testing

Skills are specific competencies (such as knowledge of MS Excel) that enable performance of job tasks or functions (such as accounting tasks). While often thought of as ‘less than’ a qualification such as a degree, skills are essential in the workforce.

While being intelligent and having a degree, diploma or the like provide the necessary foundation to perform well in many roles, it’s also important that employees have the necessary skills to perform the day-to-day tasks required by their job and which are often not taught as part of a formal qualification.

In some industries, skills are more highly valued than formal qualifications. For example, a recent report by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) reveals that in agricultural industries employers and workers tend to focus on skills rather than on qualifications, with employers saying that they “needed the skills, not the piece of paper”.

The majority of students undertaking skills training (including some employers) who were interviewed by the NCVER also agreed that learning new skills improves employment opportunities and productivity. The employers were overwhelmingly supportive of the value of skills to the success of their operations.

So how can you tell if your employees have the necessary skills to perform their jobs: Skills testing!

RightPeople’s Web-based skills testing is an effective method of ensuring your candidates have the skills needed for your jobs before you spend time and money on an extensive interview process.

RightPeople’s skills assessments are based on the latest platforms and technologies to deliver complete tailoring features with reliable performance using only a browser.

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