Skilled Job Seekers

10 Oct 2012

Attention: employers of skilled migrants

Australia’s immigration policy had long focused largely on accepting highly-skilled migrants. Seeking workers with outstanding skills and qualifications that are lacking in Australia aims to address specific skill shortages and enhances the size and skill level of the Australian labour force.

In the 2012-13 period Australia accepted approximately 190,000 migrants. 68 percent of these, or almost 130,000 were skilled migrants.

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research has found that skilled migrants, particularly those for whom English is a second language, often have different training needs to Australian workers.

They also found that without appropriate training these individuals often work in jobs that are below their skill level.  This is a situation that is beneficial neither to the individuals nor their employers, nor the wider labour force and will not help Australia to achieve the aims of its skilled migration program.

The following is required by employers of skilled migrants:

  • An understanding of their skill level, both in terms of their qualifications and their wider skill set and attributes
  • An awareness of whether an individual’s skill set is likely to be appropriate for their job role
  • An awareness of whether employees are working in jobs that are below their skill level
  • Identification of training needs to ensure they are properly utilised and satisfied

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